“The Weight of Eternity” out now!

Our debut EP The Weight of Eternity is out now via Black Lion Records, together with a music video for the opening track “Weight of Eternity”. Watch, stream, download, and purchase here: https://snd.click/Angmodnes. You can also buy the EP directly from us through our Bandcamp page: https://angmodnes.bandcamp.com

Please enjoy the music video of “Weight of Eternity” here: https://youtu.be/I1_O0JgvR_A

“The Weight Of Eternity” is about a damned soul forced to live on forever, after everything and everyone has long since passed away. The doom laid upon this poor wretch can be seen metaphorically, as those who have lost any sense of attachment to this world and who are so far removed from life as to scarcely be able to think about anything other than death, are they not just as alone? The song is about what it is like to be forced to persist in a meaningless world against your will, and to mourn what was lost; and to revel in that grief, because it is the only meaningful thing left.

With thanks to:

Floor Steinz
Maaike de Wit
Oliver Dahlbäck
Sarah Elisabeth Wohlfahrt

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